Get Out of the Friend Zone
Get Out of the Friend Zone | Find Signature Scents | Alister

3 Ways to Up Your Scent Game

Friends are great. We need a close group of pals to chill out with, hang on the weekends, hit the gym with. And not just dudes.

Female friends add a needed element to a guy’s life. BUT, sometimes you want to upgrade a relationship that’s stuck in a “friend zone” and take into another territory.

But how to make that first move and not ruin a good thing?

Let her come to you.

That’s right. Let her discover your sultry essence with a few key fragrance tricks that really work.

So when you casually brush by her or go in for a friendly hug, she gets a whiff of your subtle sexiness, and her senses get aroused!

But first, it’s important to know what scent you feel good in, how much to use, and where to apply it

First off, choose a cologne that works for you from day-to-night. One that you can wear to work, when traveling, and chillin with your bros. It should complement your style and make you feel bold and confident.

We, of course, suggest Alister Cologne. This Pheroboost™ infused cologne not only smells fresh and masculine but includes pheromone boosters to help magnify your allure.

Alister For Men Cologne

Your body naturally produces pheromones. These are chemical messengers made and released throughout your body — it’s part of what attracts people to each other.

So, what’s the right amount of Cologne to use?

You definitely don’t want your cologne to enter the room before you do! And remember, it isn’t an all-over body spray. Whoever enters your “personal zone” should be able to enjoy your scent.

You are going for subtle and seductive, not an “in-your-face, OMG you’re burning my eyes” type of effect.


So, what’s the right amount of Cologne to use?

Where do you apply Pheroboost™ infused Cologne?

Pulse points are usually the best best. These are spots where you can feel your heartbeat, and where the blood vessels are close to the skin’s surface. Wrists are where a lot of people start, but that isn’t always the best spot to really get her attention.

To have the best effect, we suggest one spray behind each ear and one on the back of the neck. So, when you go in for the friend hug, or you’re hangin’ out watching TV together, she gets a subtle whiff of your essence and will be intrigued!

For a little extra oomph, two more good spots are on each collar. Don’t spray too close, about 10” away is perfect. And remember, the scent will last a little longer on your clothes.

So, there you have it. Behind the ears, back of neck, collarbone area.

Get subtly close and see her reaction. Let the scent of Alister Cologne magnify your allure and draw her in with eager curiosity.

Let’s get you out of that friend zone and into the next realm.