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4 Ways to Put Your Best (and Smoothest) Face Forward

Love it or hate it, shaving is probably part of your daily routine (unless you’re rockin’ a Dan Blizerian beard).

Alister shaving goods are here to help you love the routine a little more. Plus, give you a few tips on getting the most out of your skin-smoothing regimen.

Alister Facial Cleanser


Shower up and lather up before you shave. The warm water of a shower opens up your pores and softens hair follicles, letting your facial hair “pop out” more, allowing for a closer shave. Use Alister Facial Cleanser to wash away dead skin cells and extra oils from your face, making for a nice smooth surface with less friction and drag on the blade.

Shave Cream


Whichever type of razor you prefer—single blade, 3- or 5-blade, make sure you swap out the cartridge every six-eight shaves. It’s just good razor hygiene and makes sure you have a sharp, close shave, preventing razor burn and ingrown hairs. Always rinse it well after shaving and store it upright so it can dry thoroughly between sessions.



Stay away from the big foam. The big huge lather your Dad shaved with is a thing of the past. Plus, all those chemicals that make up the frothy lather are super irritating and drying to your skin. With Alister’s sulfate-free Shave Cream, you get a rich, natural lather with the added bonus of pheromone boosters to up your seduction power. The cushioning cream with coconut oil and botanical extracts protects your skin and lets the blade easily glide for a close-as-hell shave.

Post Shave + Facial Moisturizer


Always treat your freshly-shaved skin to a calming layer of moisture to cool it down and prevent redness and bumps. Alister’s Post Shave + Facial Moisturizer is the combo you need to get your skin cooled down and hydrated. Post Shave is alcohol-free, so there’s no stinging — only soothing. Infused with plant-based pheromone boosters plus hydration superchargers — Allantoin and Hyaluronic Acid — to soften, protect, and promote healthy-looking skin. The lightweight Facial Moisturizer naturally hydrates with Aloe Vera, Lavender, and Chamomile while Salicylic Acid lightly exfoliates for smooth, “can’t-wait-to-be-touched” skin.

We think you’ll love your new skin-smoothing routine (and so will those who get up close & personal to you).