Detoxing Armpits | Get Vegan Personal Care From Alister
Detoxing Armpits | Get Vegan Personal Care From Alister

Detoxing Armpits

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Detoxing armpits is a self-care step that a lot of guys miss. An armpit detox does more than just get your pits smelling better. It also helps cleanse your body of harmful toxins and bacteria. By making it part of your personal care routine, you’re being proactive while making sure you’re fresh and ready for anything.

Sweat Smells for a Reason

Most people think they understand sweat. Your body gets hot and it cools itself by secreting sweat—a mixture of salt and water—through the skin. As the sweat evaporates, it’s supposed to cool you off, right?

While water makes up the largest portion of sweat, it can also contain various amounts of salt, urea, ammonia, and bacteria. The mixture is largely determined by which type of sweat glands, eccrine or apocrine, secreted the sweat. When you’re detoxing armpits, you’re addressing the bacteria released by apocrine glands.

As sweat mingles with the skin under your arm, the bacteria in the sweat and the bacteria already there break down the other chemicals in your sweat, causing an odor. The armpit is a warm, moist environment that is perfect for encouraging bacteria growth, so there’s a lot of bacteria there to work with. Left unchecked, this causes your pit odor to get worse and can even lead to skin irritation, rashes, and women refusing to talk to you or be in your presence for obvious reasons.

That’s Why We Have Deodorant, Right?

Too many guys think that as long as they rub a crusty bar of deodorant across their pits, they’re good to go. Detoxing armpits is needed partly to help you control the odor-causing bacteria, but detoxing is also needed because of that deodorant bar.

Detoxing your armpits does more than remove built-up bacteria; it also removes the harmful chemicals found in most traditional deodorants. A traditional deodorant doesn’t do anything about bacteria; it just masks the smell along with your body’s natural scent. This leaves the bacteria unchecked so it can grow as much as it wants. For your smell, this removes the likelihood that your natural pheromones will be noticed by the women around you.

Antiperspirants and deodorants can block pores. They often use materials—like the metal aluminum—that can be toxic if they build up. They’ve even been potentially linked to an increased risk of breast cancer in men. Detoxing armpits helps get rid of this build-up.

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What to Expect When You Detox Your Armpits

Everyone knows weight isn’t gained in a day, and you can’t get rid of excess weight with one day of hard work at the gym. The same thing can be said about toxins in your body. You have been using toxin-filled and pore-blocking chemicals on your pits for far too long, and you aren’t going to get rid of all that buildup in one go.

In addition to time, you should also expect your body to go through a period of transition. If you ever had a gym routine suddenly stop working, you know your muscles are probably going to be sore for a few days until your body adjusts to the new routine. You can expect your body to experience some changes when you’re detoxing armpits.

The 30-Day Armpit Detox

The exact timeframe can vary depending on things like your natural body chemistry, how much you work out to speed up the process, and even what you wear. In general, you can expect the entire detox process to take about 30 days. The best armpit detoxing method for you can vary depending on factors like allergies or skin type, but there are plenty of products and recipes available for you to try.

At the start of your detox, you might not notice any changes. Once your body starts shedding the toxins, however, you can expect your pits to be extra smelly for the first week or two. You may also experience increased sweating. This is the point where you may be tempted to stop your detox early, but the extra smell and sweat are actually signs the detox is working. Your sweat and smell will level out at the end of your detox, and you shouldn’t be surprised if you actually sweat or smell less than you did before the detox.

After the Detox

Once your armpits are in check, don’t forget to treat them better. Use a Body Wash that skips the harmful chemicals, and choose a more natural deodorant alternative like Alister Deodorant. It helps keep odor in check, is vegan, and comes infused with Pheroboost™, a proprietary blend of plant-based pheromone boosters meant to accentuate your own natural pheromone attractants. When you feel and smell good, this can give you a confidence boost that helps you get the attention from ladies you’ve been looking for. Take control of your game with Alister today.