Grin and beard it
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Grin and beard it

 Dan Bilzerian’s in Grin and beard it 300x Photo from The Economic Times

Instagram king Dan B recalls ‘instant stubble’ tale during US navy stint

Dan Bilzerian’s beard could have its own Instagram page. But the King of Instagram himself admits that at times he’s had a love-hate relationship with his own facial fuzz. “It was the bane of my existence growing up,” Bilzerian said at a recent press conference. His beard, he says, has taken 17 years in the making and he says that his time serving in the US Navy was hard, even on his beard. “I would shave every morning and by 11 o’ clock it would look like I had two days’ worth of stubble.”

Those days are long gone and he’s trying to help out his bearded brethren by launching his own range of grooming products called Alister. “It is important to be transparent about ingredients and use products with clean ingredients. Conscious luxury is the wave of the future because everyone should be aware of what they put on their bodies just like they are aware of what they consume,” Bilzerian says. 

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