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Grooming Products For Men | Vegan Hygiene With Alister
Grooming Products For Men | Vegan Hygiene With Alister

Boost Your Routine | Grooming Products for Men

Seductive Pheromone Boosters

Finding the right grooming products for men doesn’t have to be difficult. Your local store may have a wide variety of grooming products and may even carry premium items, such as vegan shampoo for men, but that doesn’t mean they offer the right products for you. If you’re the kind of guy who cares about your appearance, whether that means paying a little more for clothes that fit and feel better or taking the time to find a barber who can style your mane and not just trim it, why would you go for products that don’t meet that same high standard?

The Problem With “Value” Personal Care Products

Listen, sometimes you gotta bite the bullet and go cheap. That’s life. When you’re choosing grooming products for men, however, that can come with its own hidden costs.

Harsher Chemicals

In order to make sure you get clean at a cheaper cost, the ingredients used can be rougher on your skin. This can cause a range of complications, from dry skin and irritation to rashes and even allergic reactions.

Parabens And Sulfates

These chemicals are frequently used as preservatives in personal care products. Unfortunately, parabens have been linked to both cancer and the rapid increase in cancer cells, while sulfate sensitivity is found in a significant portion of the population.

Cruelty Based Formulas

Did you know many companies still find animal testing or ingredients derived from animals to be the cheapest way to get a product on the market? Cruelty isn’t cool.

Overpowering Scents

What these products lack in refinement, they often make up for with an over-generous helping of artificial smells. This covers your own natural scent, including your pheromones--natural attractants put off by your body to influence those around you.

Seductive Pheromone Boosters

In the end, spending a little more on grooming products for men that you can count in is a good value that leaves you making a better impression.

How Alister Is Different

Alister products are designed to give you the best hygiene and grooming products on the market. From the vegan shampoo for men you use on your hair to the lotion you use to keep the soles of your feet healthy and supple, our products are engineered to be different

  • Vegan Vegan
  • Sulfate free Sulfate free
  • cruelty free cruelty free
  • Paraben free Paraben Free

Enhance Your Natural Scent -Men are meant to smell like men. We use natural eucalyptus and peppermint extracts in our grooming products for men for an invigorating scent, but what sets Alister products apart is the infusion of Pheroboost™. A proprietary blend of plant-based pheromone boosters, Pheroboost™ is intended to work with your body’s chemistry where it can help boost your own natural pheromone production.

Cruelty-Free - Real men don’t have to tear something down to lift themselves up. Our cruelty-free formulas give you personal care products you can trust. Most of our formulas go even further, and conform to vegan standards.

Paraben And Sulfate Free -You don’t want them, neither do we. Our formulas are designed to be both safe and effective, so you can be confident you’re treating your body right.

Engineered For Better Skin - Looking like a man’s man doesn’t mean you have to look rough. We use naturally derived ingredients and the latest personal hygiene research to give you grooming products for men that get you clean, make you feel great, and help you nourish your skin.

Creating Your Own Daily Care Regimen

Creating Your Own Daily Care Regimen

We created a full line of personal care products so every guy can get what he needs to seamlessly add Alister to his lifestyle. Everyone is unique, with their own routine, but here are a few starters that fit just about every guy out there:

Shampoo and Conditioner

Shampoo and Conditioner

Our vegan shampoo for men gives you soft, clean hair while our conditioner provides body. Using Alister hair products is one of the most efficient ways to get the most from Pheroboost™. Humans excrete pheromones through the Sebaceous glands in hair follicles, allowing for more efficient aeration.

Body Wash or Soap Bar

Body Wash or Soap Bar

However you like to get your body clean, the soap you shower with is one of the most important grooming products for men you can choose. This is one of the easiest ways to work Alister into your regular routine, because every well-groomed man showers regularly



Taking care of your pits is important, and too many cheap sticks use ingredients that can cause rashes, skin irritation, or leave toxic chemicals and metals on your skin. Our formula is designed to give you great protection while avoiding toxins and irritants.



Keep your skin healthy and smelling great. Lotions help provide nourishment to your skin, and can help leave it supple and well-hydrated. Healthy skin shows less signs of aging and wear.

Personal Care Game

Up Your Personal Care Game

It’s time to look good, feel better, and meet the day with confidence. It all starts with a personal care regimen you can count on to provide what your body needs to get you clean and put your own natural scent front and center. Step up with Pheroboost™ infused grooming products for men from Alister.