Guide to the perfect Valentine’s Date Prep
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How to Nail a Successful Valentine’s Day

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There’s a lot of pressure on guys to create “the perfect” Valentine’s Day celebration.

It can be hard to navigate what to do and how much effort to exert. It depends on whether you want to uplevel from “flirty friends” status, are in a new relationship, or you’ve spent lots of spicy days and nights together already.

But never fear! We’ve created a quick guide for the guy who wants to wow his Valentine and enjoy a playful time in the process.

First of all, relax. You don’t need a huge budget or reservations at the hottest new restaurant to impress her on this day of romance.

Just a few tips to get you in the V-day game are all that’s needed.

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Tip #1:
Be Memorable.

It’s the thoughtful touches that she really likes. A hand-written note left in an unexpected place, remembering her favorite coffee order, or paying attention to a pair of boots she’s been eyeing and surprising her with them.

A flirty glance, a sexy song, or an intoxicating aroma can leave her with fond memories of a special rendezvous or extraordinary date. Give her an enduring impression of you and the sexy scent you wear — Alister Cologne. This pheromone-boosting Cologne works with your own body’s chemistry to increase attraction while smelling on-point. With a refreshing citrus scent coupled with spicy, woody notes, its aroma will help keep her intrigued and will keep you top of mind.

Try misting your Alister Cologne on her V-day card, on the lingerie you give her, or on her pillow for an extra reminder of a memorable meet-up.

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Tip #2:
Pay Attention.

First, pay attention to your grooming habits. We know if you’re an Alister user, you have the products to help look and smell impressive. Spend a few extra minutes on your grooming routine, adding in a bit of manscaping for later. You should have a better chance for action when you are clean, look good, and have some pheromone boosters for added confidence.

Second, pay attention to her. Phone off, listen and make her the focus for the evening. Flirt with her, tell her what you like about her, and make her feel special.

If it’s a new relationship, chill out a bit on this — you don’t want to sound cheesy or come on too strong. But use your best judgment and see how she reacts. If you’ve been together for a while, this may surprise her (in a good way), and will probably be rewarded later!

It’s amazing what a little focus can bring to the date.

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Tip #3:
Stay In.

Going out on Valentine’s Night is over-crowded and well…just too typical. How about surprising her with something unexpected?

Create a mini getaway at your place. Gather up sheets, pillows, indoor decorative lights, and some string to devise a makeshift canopy and…voila — a little in-house oasis for just the two of you.

Get her favorite take-out (or make a delish dinner if you have kitchen skills), light some candles, put on a chill playlist, and serve up a special signature beverage for the night.

If a little after-dinner romance is in the cards, treat her to a relaxing massage. Who doesn’t like to get pampered and caressed? Try Alister Massage Oil and enjoy a naturally silky glide to help deliver a soothing, muscle-relieving experience. Made with botanical oils and infused with the powerful allure of pheromone boosters, both of you may find something to enjoy from this sensual encounter.

So, now you have some tips under your belt for a successful Valentine’s Day (and many more playful days and nights ahead)!