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How to Layer Body Products and Score Points all Season

Soap is soap, right? Lather, rinse, and done? Well, yes and no. Getting clean is one thing. But you want to stand out from the crowd and boost your swagger, showing up bold and confident.

All you need is a few extra minutes, good-quality products, some insider tips, and the results will be well worth it!

Let’s start with upping your arsenal of grooming products — going beyond the basics of “Irish-scented” harsh soap. But we’ll keep it simple and streamlined to get you out the door fast and smelling on point.

Alister’s line of Body Products has all you need to take care of the skin on your bod with nourishing plant elements, invigorating essential oils, and Pheroboost™ infused formulas that do double-duty to get you clean and get you noticed.

Alister Bar Soap or Body Wash

STEP 1: Get Clean

Alister Bar Soap or Body Wash: After a hard workout or long night out, your pores need some deep cleaning! Hop in a warm shower, get wet and lather up your face and neck with Bar Soap, washing away any sweat and grime, leaving behind a hydrating, cooling sensation.

Or grab the Alister Body Wash and lather with all over your body and rinse clean. Never stripping your skin of natural oils, but keeping it looking healthy and feeling good.

These plant-infused, deep-cleansers blend enticing pheromone boosters with a fresh aroma of eucalyptus & peppermint to leave you feeling energized and magnetic.

Alister Body Lotion + Massage Oil

STEP 2: Get Hydrated

Alister Body Lotion + Massage Oil

After your shower, it’s time to hydrate. Dry off — but not totally. Alister Body Lotion won’t weigh you down or feel heavy. It’s made for guys to glide on easy and cool your skin with menthol, peppermint, and eucalyptus extracts.

As the temps outside drop, your skin can get a little drier than usual. If you’re feeling the need for a supercharge of extra moisture, add a few drops of Alister Massage Oil to your lotion for double-duty soothing and hydration.

Seductive Pheromone Boosters

STEP 3: Get Boosted

Alister Pheroboost Extract Of course, all of the Alister formulas are infused with Pheroboost™ — a bold blend of seductive pheromone boosters to help increase your confidence and power of physical attraction.

But if you’re feeling extra bold and want to kick things up a notch, layer in a few drops of Pheroboost Extract to any of your Alister products and see what magic unfolds.

Alister Deodorant + Lip Balm

STEP 4: Get Protected

Alister Deodorant + Lip Balm

So now that we’ve covered getting clean and hydrated, let’s keep you smelling good and protected.

Hopefully you’ve ditched the toxins in traditional antiperspirants and made the switch to Alister Deodorant — a naturally-effective, odor-eliminating, unisex deodorant with pheromone boosters to help keep you on top of your game without the nasty crap you don’t need.

Arrowroot powder absorbs wetness, bamboo charcoal detoxifies, and eucalyptus & peppermint extracts leave your pits clean and fresh smelling.

So, now for the lips. With all the pheroboosting layers in your arsenal, let’s get your lips prepped for some action wherever you may be.

No one wants to kiss dry, cracked lips. Keep Alister Lip Balm at the ready for a few swipes of natural goodness with souped-up skin conditioners and antioxidants to keep lips soothed, smooth, and ready for what comes next. And no worries about looking glossy or greasy. The plant-based oils and butters penetrate quickly for instant relief and protection.

Get ready to look good, smell good, and score some extra points this holiday.