Master the Pomade Technique
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Style yourself

Pomades give you lots of versatility in style and control. Whether you want to add texture, definition, or create a strong hold,we’ve got you covered with the best techniques to get the look you want.

Alister Pomade is a classic, buildable formula that lets you create your own unique style. Made with energizing essential oils and nourishing plant extracts to deliver strong, pliable hold that lasts.

When it comes to using a pomade, it’s different than how you’d use a gel or wax.

First things first, you need a little body heat. Rub the product between your hands before touching your hair. You need to warm it up and make it pliable so it can evenly coat each strand.

Apply to slightly damp, towel-dried hair, depending on the look you are going for. Since pomade is activated by water, it’s easier to manipulate and style on damp hair vs. a dry application like for waxes and fibers.

If you have a short style, like a high & tight, start off with a small amount (size of a pea) — you can always add more later. Once it’s warmed in your hands, start at the crown of your head, beginning at the roots and massage the product through your hair in upward strokes out to the ends. Make your way to the front of your head with the same technique and motion.

Master the Pomade Technique

If you have fine hair or a longer style, you’ll want to take a slightly different approach. Use more than a pea-size amount and avoid putting too much product right at the roots, so you don’t weigh down your style. You don’t want a helmet-head look!

Just focus more on applying near the ends before working your way closer to your roots. This pumps up the volume and movement.

Now comb it through. You want to even out any excess and get each strand covered for consistent shine and grip. Then use your fingers to manipulate your strands how you want them to go. A little piecey, a bit tousled — experiment with it until you get the look you like.

So, there you have it. Pomade…mastered.