How Pheromones and Attraction Have an Impact
How Pheromones and Attraction Have an Impact

How Pheromones and Attraction Have an Impact

People typically think of being attracted to a person in the physical sense, but it may actually have a lot to do with their pheromones. If you think you chose your partner based on their beautiful green eyes, obsession with your favorite baseball team, and mutual love for burnin’ hot buffalo wings, you could be right. Or, it could be pheromones. Pheromones and attraction are closely connected and it could just be an undetectable smell that made you fall for them.

Science Behind Pheromones

Science Behind Pheromones

The science behind the pheromone smell is complicated, but it can be easily understood. Pheromones create a pleasant smell that you may unknowingly recognize. Pheromones can have a detectable smell or you may not even notice anything different at all. Either way, the pheromones and attraction are impacted by each other and can make a difference in how you smell. They help attract you to someone else and may make someone feel a stronger attraction toward you.

The pleasant smell of pheromones is made to attract others. When your body puts out natural pheromones, people (typically those of the opposite sex) may be more attracted to you. There are certain times when your body may produce more pheromones, such as when you're sweating due to a workout or an increase in adrenaline. Since pheromones and attraction are closely connected, you may also produce more when you are aroused or “turned on”.

Your pheromones are an excellent tool for finding a mate, but they can also be valuable in your day-to-day life. Have you ever had a feeling of extreme confidence after a workout or post-intercourse? That can be attributed to pheromones. An increase in the chemicals in your body can lead to you being more confident in yourself. More confidence because of pheromones and attraction can even boost your dating game. When you feel better and more confident about yourself, you may be more inclined to take a chance and ask that girl out.

Not all pheromones are the same, though. In fact, supplemental pheromones may be just as effective as the ones your body naturally makes. Pheromones and attraction are closely related whether you're using ones produced by your own body or ones produced by man.

Animal Attraction

An Animal Attraction

There is hardly any animal more impacted by pheromones than elephants. When they reach a certain age in their life (between 35 and 50), they begin a period called musth. This period is where their pheromone smell is most prevalent and around 80% of elephants born in different colonies are sired by males in musth. This means their pheromones are working on overdrive and they’re able to easily find a mate or several mates.

During this time, pheromones and attraction play a big role and their constant output of pheromones makes a big difference in their mating capabilities. Their urine is heavily laden with the natural chemicals and they have a constant stream of it during that time. They also have special glands in their cheeks that secrete the pheromones. All of this makes them more attractive and more likely to choose a mate.

Good news! You don't need to walk around peeing on everything to attract a mate with your pheromones. In fact, we think it's probably a pretty bad idea if you’re trying to find a potential girlfriend, FWB, or even a one night stand.

Humans are different from every other animal that releases pheromones. Unlike the majority of the Animal Kingdom, we do not have a vomeronasal organ (VNO) after we’re born. This means there's no way for our noses to pick up on specific mating scents. Pheromones and attraction are still important, but this may help reduce some of the animal instinct to mate with anything available (which can be helpful in social situations).

Without a VNO, other humans will still find the smell of your pheromones attractive, but they will be able to resist the instinctual urge to jump your bones...for the most part.

Overriding the Pheromones

Because of a lack of a VNO, humans may even have a hard time detecting pheromones. Since humans can “override” pheromones automatically, they have more of a choice than any other animal when selecting a mate. You can choose things like brown eyes, a great personality, and apple-bottom assets when you're selecting a mate. Elephants and other animals base their mate choice solely on pheromone smell.

The problem with not having a VNO is that many people may not even be able to detect natural pheromones. This can be especially true if you’re not actively putting them out. In this case, Pheroboost™ may add essential value. It adjusts to the body's chemistry and helps increase production of natural pheromones to enhance attraction and increase confidence. Since artificial pheromones and attraction work in almost the same way as natural pheromones, you can increase your pheromone production, and put out a more attractive smell.

In addition to an increase in your own natural pheromone smell, pheromone application may also be able to help you smell better. When applied it interacts with your body's natural chemicals and create a pleasant smell that's uniquely yours. You'll be able to smell it unlike you would with just your own natural bio-chemicals. With these additional pheromones, you may also be able to attract more people inevitably leading to improved confidence.

It's important to note that since pheromones and attraction are based on your body's own chemical composition, pheromone application will produce a smell different for everyone. They'll smell pleasant on everyone, but they're going to smell different. Products that provide the opportunity for pheromone application can help you create a scent that's uniquely yours.

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