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Sulfate-Free Men’s Shampoo: Wash Your Way to Better Hair

What Are Pheromones

Finding a good sulfate-free men’s shampoo is a must if you want to look and feel your best. And if you’re already going sulfate-free, you might as well go all the way and ensure you’re also selecting paraben-free men’s shampoo, body washes or soaps, and facial cleansers, as well. These chemicals are not necessary when creating a health and beauty product, and worse, they may be doing more harm than good. You deserve a clean feeling that you can be confident in.

What are Sulfates?

In order to know why to avoid them, you need to understand what sulfates are. Sulfates are included in personal care products like body wash, soap, and shampoo because they’re surfactants. This is the chemical that is commonly responsible for the bubbly lather produced by

Sulfate Free Men's Shampoo

most soaps. For cheaper, mass-produced products, these are a fast and easy way to make their personal care items more effective.

Just like you learned in grade school, oil and water don’t mix. That makes it hard to get your body clean of the grit, grime, and oil mixture by just showering with water. Surfactants make it easier for water and oil to bond while creating a fast-rising lather. Once the detritus is bonded to the water with the help of your product, it just gets rinsed away. That probably sounds fine, right? So, why would you want a sulfate-free men’s shampoo?

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Why Are Sulfates Bad?

The problem with sulfates is that they don’t care what oils they bond to, and not all of your body’s oils are bad. Some are beneficial to healthy skin and hair. Sulfate-rich formulas can strip your hair and scalp of these moisturizing and protective oils, damaging them in the process. This can be especially tough during the winter months or on certain kinds of hair and skin.

Dry Hair - If your mane is already lacking in moisture or it’s feeling especially brittle, sulfates will only make your hair even drier and a good conditioner won’t be enough to cancel out the effects.

Frizzy or Kinky Hair - Frizz or kinky hair is often made worse by sulfates. These conditions are usually improved by hair that is naturally moisturized, which sulfates don’t allow.

Dyed Hair - As sulfates strip away the oils that protect hair and even layers of the hair itself, the color you’ve paid so much for can come right along with it.

Irritable Skin - Over-exposure to sulfates can cause irritation. If your scalp is naturally sensitive, you’ll want to stick to a sulfate-free men’s shampoo.

Thinning Hair - While sulfates don’t cause baldness themselves, skin irritation can exacerbate areas of the scalp that may already be thinning.

What’s The Deal With Parabens?

Paraben-free men’s shampoo is also desirable if you want to look your best while taking better care of your hair. These are designed to be preservatives to help keep your personal care products from becoming contaminated with microbes and bacteria, but as with sulfate-free men's shampoos, going without parabens is preferable. Aside from not being needed for your products to work, parabens have been linked to potential health risks.

Skin-Cancer - Parabens are absorbed through the skin and can build up, increasing your risk of UV damage and cancer.

Endocrine-Blocking - Once metabolized, parabens bind to some estrogen receptors. Your endocrine system controls the delicate balance of hormones like testosterone and estrogen in your body.

Reproductive Harm - This directly relates to the endocrine-blocking factor. As you can imagine, if your sex-hormones are out of balance, this can have a negative impact on your reproductive health. No man wants that.

Seductive Pheromone Boosters

Finding A Premium Sulfate-Free Men’s Shampoo

If you want a better way to get clean, you need to find a premium product that is formulated to work well while protecting your hair, skin, and health. Alister’s Shampoo is designed around the idea that you can be confident you’re giving your hair the TLC it needs while still removing dirt and excess oil effectively.

Free of Sulfates - Men’s Shampoo doesn’t need them, so we left them out. Our unique formula gives you a rich lather without the harmful chemicals that will strip your hair of its nutrients or protection.

Paraben-Free Men’s Shampoo - You don’t have to increase your risk of cancer, reproductive issues, or other possible endocrine problems just to get clean hair. We’ve packed each bottle with botanicals like eucalyptus and peppermint to invigorate your hair, lavender extract to soothe the scalp, and spirulina to add valuable nutrients for a lustrous head of hair.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free - Hurting animals for the sake of hygiene doesn’t make you a real man.

Pheroboost™ - Our proprietary blend of plant based pheromones works with your body chemistry to bring out your own natural scent of attraction.

Naturally-Derived Ingredients -

  • Vegan Vegan
  • Sulfate free Sulfate free
  • cruelty free cruelty free
  • Paraben free Paraben Free
Creating Your Own Daily Care Regimen

Live Confidently

You want to get noticed for all the right reasons, and we want to help you. With our sulfate-free men’s shampoo, you can get your hair clean and healthy while helping to support your natural pheromones’ ability to improve the way you’re perceived by those around you. When you know you’ve prepared yourself to face the day, you can react with sureness and confidence. Enhance your grooming routine with products that work as hard as you do, and get your Alister Shampoo today.

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