Types of Pheromones: What You Need to Know!
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Pheromones Attraction

There are different types of pheromones constantly at play around you, both that your body gives off and that you take in from people you interact with face-to-face. If you’re a guy, then you need to understand the importance of male pheromones in social situations. Your natural pheromones do much more than determine who’s interested in you romantically. They can affect how you’re perceived by superiors, peers, and anyone around you. Most importantly, the complex interaction of pheromones can alter how you perceive yourself in relation to others, so understanding male pheromones is an important part of finding and maintaining a healthy level of self-confidence.

Pheromones 101

Natural pheromones are chemical compounds created by your body to communicate. Unlike other communication chemicals, however, pheromones aren’t meant to carry messages internally, but externally. These compounds can be picked up by the olfactory senses, or sense of smell, of other humans. Pheromones are then interpreted and may elicit a biological response.

In modern society, the male pheromones humans are most interested in (thankfully) are those that end up on your hair and skin. Your sebaceous glands, one of your body’s production centers for pheromones, sit inside your hair follicles where they release a substance called sebum. This oily and waxy coating helps lubricate and protect your skin and hair, and it also carries pheromones along with it. This is the same gland that gives you oily skin or hair when it over-produces, while under-production will leave your skin and hair feeling dry.

Once they reach your skin and hair, male pheromones are exposed to the outside world and begin to aerate. Their subtle scents are carried to those around you, where the different types of pheromones are interpreted and certain biological responses can begin if the stimulus is powerful enough. This can include a perception of confidence, attractiveness, virility, and power. When combined with the other senses that people use to form impressions, sight, and hearing, pheromones can be a powerful tool when navigating social interactions.

Human Pheromones

In humans, men and women both produce their own natural pheromones. Female pheromones form in combinations known as copulins. These copulins can change to help signal ovulation. It’s possible these pheromones are partly responsible for the syncing of women’s menstrual cycles when in close proximity.

Male pheromones all fall into the category of axillary steroids. While some are also excreted by human females, the ratio is far different, illustrating that it is not a single pheromone that is the key to sending the right olfactory signals, but the correct combination of pheromones. The different types of pheromones in the axillary steroid class are:


This compound has shown to have a positive effect on women, but high levels may cause other men to have a negative reaction to you. Affecting the limbic system, it may cause women to experience less perception of pain. It is eventually synthesized into Androstenone.


Eventually converted to Androstenol, male sweat contains five-times the level of this compound than female sweat does. It is thought to be an important pheromone to creating sexual desire in those who are attracted to men.


While often considered a female hormone, test subjects still were influenced by this compound to view people as more warm and friendly. While it’s true it is found in higher concentrations in female sweat, men’s sweat also contains this pheromone.


Out of the male pheromones, this is the most important. This is the primary pheromone attractant, especially when women are ovulating, as their chemistry is more receptive to its effects. It also helps men view you as more masculine and assertive, making it the perfect pheromone for showing off your confidence.

Natural Pheromones

Why Your Natural Pheromones May Not Be Reliable On Their Own

One of the reasons why the effectiveness of male pheromones is discounted is that modern society is not based around letting your natural smells do the talking. Quite the opposite, we understand that cleanliness and good personal hygiene is important for wellness, but in the process, we constantly anoint ourselves with perfumes, odors, and scents to cover our own natural odors, including pheromones. Between scented shampoos, conditioners, deodorant, shaving cream, beard balm, aftershave, cologne, body sprays, and lotions, you probably aren’t even sure what the real you smells like.

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