Grooming Tips


  • Hair that begs to be stroked
  • Smooth skin that’s ready for a closeup
  • A strong body that smells enticing
  • Legs and feet ready to be intertwined with hers
Grooming Tips

Hair that begs
to be stroked

Sure, you want clean hair. But what about hair that smells so fresh and looks so on-point that her fingers can’t help but run through it? If that’s what you’re going for, then Alister hair care could deliver just that.

Yep, they smell amazing. Yep, they hydrate and condition any style. But, Alister formulas take it up a level with infusions of Pheroboost™ — a bold blend of seductive pheromone boosters to help increase your confidence and power of physical attraction.

Leave dry, unruly hair behind with kelp-infused Shampoo and shine-boosting Conditioner. Finish off your look with Pomade that delivers buildable control, adding texture and definition.

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Shop Alister’s Men’s Hair Care for the sexy, touchable hair you want, and she craves.

Grooming Tips

Smooth skin that’s
ready for a closeup

Healthy-looking, clean skin is always ready for some up-close and personal contact. Alister Men’s Skin Care with pheromone boosters helps get you looking hot and feeling your best. Whether you want to stand out in a crowd, or ready for a close encounter, you’ll be ready for it all.

What makes skin close-up-ready? A close shave, clean pores, and soft lips. It’s pretty simple to take care of your skin with our naturally-derived formulas. They’re tough on dirt, oil, and grime, but drenched in just the right amount of hydration for a clean, smooth finish.

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From Facial Cleanser, Shave Cream, Moisturizer, and Post Shave, Alister’s high-quality formulas are made without parabens and sulfates and always cruelty-free. We only test on dudes, never animals.

Grooming Tips

A strong body
that smells

You work hard and play hard, but you don’t want to smell like it. Alister’s invigorating body products have you covered. With plant-based formulas designed for men, your bod will get clean, smell great, and be protected with skin-loving hydration, nourishing elements, and essential oils to energize the senses.

Designed just for guys, you won’t get any frou-frou scents here — just refreshing essences of eucalyptus, peppermint, with notes of cucumber and lavender to round out a pure, clean effect.

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Each formula is infused with Pheroboost™, which smells different on every guy. The pheromone boosters work with your body’s chemical makeup and your own natural pheromones to help create an attractive, enticing scent that’s all your own.

Grooming Tips

Legs and feet ready
to be intertwined
with hers.

Your legs and feet are usually the last bits to get any grooming attention. They take a lot of abuse from tough gym workouts, weekend warrior games, and long workdays.

But when it’s time to slow down, kick off your shoes, and wrap yourself up with someone special, you want to make sure your legs and feet are ready for mingling with hers.

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Luckily it doesn’t make much extra effort to make this happen. With enticing pheromone boosters and a fresh aroma to leave you feeling energized, Alister Body Wash, Body Lotion, and Massage Oil are all you need in your leg and foot care arsenal.

The natural formulas are made to glide on easy and cool your skin with menthol, peppermint, and eucalyptus extracts. And when you need a supercharge of extra moisture, add a few drops of Alister Massage Oil to your lotion for double-duty hydration and smooth, soft feet and legs.